The Variety Dress

I started making my own version of this 70's classic-- the convertible dress-- in 2003, and sold more than we could make for several years running at Meeps. The Variety Dress was featured in Daily Candy and the Washington Post Style section among other publications.

I was obsessed, and spent loads of hours twisting, wrapping, experimenting, and sharing my love of it with our customers. (One night my husband proclaimed, "You've gone too far." when I tried to go out for the night with the dress on upside down wrapped into a jumpsuit. I thought it was pretty great;)

I did find one OG Infinity Dress designer from the 70's who was still selling her version online around 2005. I can't track her down at the time of this post, but I'll keep looking.

Well Zeitgeist came along, and we started seeing convertible dresses at American Apparel, Nordstrom, lots of other independent sellers.... and now Target! I think they are probably all fun if you like to experiment. Most of the styles I have seen have been made from thin modal/rayon jersey, which is great if you're 22 or you have absolutely nothing to camouflage body-wise. All the ones I've seen are quite a different configuration from mine-- with a size and a tube skirt. The Variety Dress wraps more like a sarong. This allows it to be worn as a cape, or top, or upside down if you're ready to blow your dressing partner's mind!

I'm posting these dear old rusty photos because I've been thinking it's time to bring my version of the convertible dress back. I have a couple of updates in mind. Let me know what you think!

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