La La Circuit is a clothing line handmade in Washington, D.C. by me, Leann Trowbridge. I began the line while working as a pattern maker for a much-loved boutique in Adams Morgan (Betty). I then went on to spend over a decade as owner of a vintage clothing store (Meeps, still a DC favorite). This experience, coupled with my alter-ego background in environmental science, led to my passion for repurposing cast-off clothing and fabrics.

Also a mom to two quirky girls, I am immersed in creating things that bring smiles to all the fabulous ladies and sweet small humans around me. Whether drafting patterns or sourcing material, my work is inspired by the people in my life that make me happy. Please get in touch via email: lalacircuit (at) gmail.com or visit my Etsy site: lalacircuit.etsy.com

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If you see something on this blog that's not available, please contact me to see if it can be made to order: lalacircuit (at) gmail (dot) com.